Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy fathers day

to my ABAH !!!
i love u so muchhh

ABAH seorang yang bertanggungjawab
sanggup berkorban walau apa cara sekali  pun
demi mencapai impian aku
kerana abah aku disini, kerana abah aku gembira
kerana abah aku bahagia…
abah oh abah

semenjak kecil aku dibesarkan bagai menatang minyak yang penuh
semenjak kecil aku dimanjakan dengan belaian gurauanmu yang indah
semenjak kecil aku diberi penghargaan umpama seorang raja
ketika aku mengalah…engkau semangatku
ketika aku sakit…engkau penawarku
ketika aku bersedih…kau air mataku
ketika aku ketawaengkau riangku
dan ketika engkau berduka?
aku harap akulah penawar duka laramu
selamat hari bapa kepada abah cop
dan juga ayah ya !!!

nak tanya, korang pernah tak tgk peluh meleleh ketika bapak korang balik dari keje/balik dari beli makanan kat korang...aku penah oh....sedih gila. terus masuk bilik nanges. tak mau kata apa2di bawah ini juga aku nak kongsikan beberapa jasa dan pengorbanan 'bapa2 mereka'


Seahorses are a type of fish in which the males actually get “pregnant.” The female seahorse deposits her eggs in the male’s specialized pouch, and the male carries up to 2,000 babies during its 10- to 25-day pregnancy.They are fascinating males have more or less become females. the male seahorse is a responsible and faithful animal...they stick with their own mate and will not turn to any female seahorese

Giant Water Bug

Talk about back-breaking work…the male giant water bug… literally totes around his brood of about 150 eggs until they hatch…After a courtship of sparring and grasping, these ferocious insects mate, and the females cement their fertilized eggs to the males’ backs with a natural glue…Over the next three weeks, the male becomes a “very effective dad!


Male marmosets in South America not only carry, feed, and groom their twin babies…they may even act as “midwives” during birth, grooming and licking the newborns…Though nature’s default is female-only care, animal fathers such as marmosets will often pitch in when “kids are expensive,” for instance, when raising offspring requires two full-time parents that are mated for life.

 Greater Rhea Father

For most birds, females are stuck with child care.. but not so for the South America’s greater rhea..above, chicks nestle into their dad’s back feathers…Females mate with several males during the breeding season, and several birds will lay their eggs in a nest created by a male. The male then incubates up to 50 eggs for six weeks and cares for the newly hatched young. The dads aggressively guard the babies, charging at any animal—even a female rhea—that approaches…The male rhea … keeps his chicks from meandering too far away with a rapid clacking of his bill…Because the females put such a “heavy investment”—energy and resources..into producing large eggs, it makes sense for males to pick up the responsibility of caring for the offspring.


Made famous by the movie March of the Penguins, emperor penguin fathers endure below-freezing temperatures and forgo food to incubate their eggs…After the female lays a single egg, her mate rests it on his feet and covers it with a flap of skin (above, a penguin protects its chick using the same skin flap).”They’re very much like seahorses in that respect: [They've] taken over a role rightly or wrongly we traditionally associate with females.”..For four months the males huddle together, not moving much, while the females fill up on seafood in the ocean. The females eventually return to help feed the newly hatched chicks.


Cockroaches may get a lot of BAD press, but you can’t call them DEADBEAT DADS!…In species that feed on wood, the parents use the material to build nests and find food for their larvae. Such parental care is “pretty unusual” in insects…Cockroach fathers will even eat bird droppings to obtain nitrogen, a necessary part of their diet, and carry it back to their young (above, German cockroach babies emerge from an egg)…Wood-feeding cockroaches are also tidy parents, sweeping nurseries clean of dead cockroaches and fungus to shield their families from infection!

source : sini