Thursday, August 5, 2010


6 ogos = 8 bulan sudah bersekedudukan di bawah 1 bumbung

to my lovely husband...
I just wanted to let the world know what a wonderful husband I have.
do you realize how much you mean to me?
  You always care and always try to make things better and brighter for me.  
You came into my life at a time when I thought all else was lost.  
You made me look towards a future,
I love you exactly the way you are.  
You are my gift from God
although our lives are wrapped in a pretty package
   Your love strengthens me everyday.  
Your character is as strong as it can be.  
You fill my heart with love, 
You are my love, you are my heart
You are my husband.  you are everything
Whatever storm is upon us, 
we will weather it together, with God, 
as we are united in his love. 
I love you my precious angel.  
Don’t ever forget that.  
you'd always be mine

Your devoted wife,


ciEk NiENa said... BALAS

hai akak.. semoga sentiasa berbahagia yea.. :)

Lina Rahim said... BALAS

fuiyyo..saya pun tak reti buat poem macam ni..
semoga dilimpahi rahmat Tuhan selalu..

eMMe said... BALAS

i dah 10 bulan! huhuu...
tak lame lagi leh la 1st aniversary kan..kan...

E K A said... BALAS

lina, kalu ignore grammar leh la saya merapu camtu...cb kalu cikgu english check grammar kantoi gak

emme : :) :) :)

niena : mekacih taw